Built for Performance.
Customized for you.

Guaranteed to take strokes off your score.

get your custom-built putter within 2 weeks!

While some companies are experiencing major supply chain issues, we are not. That's because since day 1, every T SQUARED Putter has been developed, manufactured and assembled in our own facility, in Buffalo, New York.

built for your stroke
Perfect for Every Golfer

When you want to reach the peak of your game, look no further than T SQUARED PUTTERS. With our high-performance design technology and proprietary fitting system, you can finally have a premium putter - built for YOUR unique putting stroke.

make it one-of-a-kind
customization made easy

After choosing your Putter style and building it to your ideal specifications, it's time to customize it! Only T SQUARED PUTTERS offers dozens of customization options like colors, names, logos, messages and alignment aids.

Ready to create your own one-of-a-kind, high-performace, premium putter?


T-Squared is unlike any other golf company. We develop, mill, assemble, and customize our putters in our own manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York with one goal: PERFECTION!
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Want to know how you can improve your game? Our PUTTER BUILDERS will take the guesswork out of selecting and configuring your new putter - for perfect stroke alignment. Just answer a few questions, and we will help you choose between various types or styles based on what's right for YOU (not some other guy). Most orders are built and shipped in just 2 weeks.
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