Built for Performance.
Designed for you.

100% USA factory-
built for performance

Custom building your golf putter, right from the factory, can make all the difference on the green.

Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all approach... our engineers CUSTOM BUILD each putter to your specific putting stroke - enhancing your precision, control, and overall performance.

make it uniquely
designed for you

After custom building your Putter to your ideal specifications, it's time to personalize it!

Only T SQUARED PUTTERS offers DOZENS of DESIGN OPTIONS like adding accent colors, names, team or business logos, personal messages and numerous alignment aids.

Ready to create your own one-of-a-kind, premium putter? Contact our expert Putter Builders...


T-Squared is unlike any other golf company. We develop, mill, assemble, and personalize your putter in our own manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York with one goal: PERFECTION!

Receive your custom-built putter in just 4 weeks!

Unlike many companies facing supply chain challenges, we remain unaffected. From the very beginning, we have meticulously crafted and assembled every T Squared Putter in our own facility located in Buffalo, New York.